3/8" x .625 Valve Seals for Harley Davidson: Steel-Grip: 1000 Pack Kit

3/8" x .625 Valve Seals for Harley Davidson: Steel-Grip: 1000 Pack Kit

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Designed for Harley Davidson: 100 Pack of 3/8" x .625 Steel-Grip® Valve Stem Seals



Steel-Grip® Valve Seals for Harley Davidson...Positive Oil Control

For positive oil control, nothing does the job better than this seal. A special Teflon® sealing element assures positive oil control, but will not "dry up" valve stems. The special steel housing will not crack or vibrate loose. The outside diameter of the housing is extremely narrow so it will have ample clearance on double valve spring setups. This seal has solved many problems connected with oil loss through the valve stems. Can also be used on thin wall replacement guides, both cast iron and the Bronze Guide-Liner®.

  • Specially designed for Harley Davidson.
  • Can be installed with your present valve guide machining tools for boot type seals.
  • Specially formulated graphite impregnated Teflon® sealing element.
  • Self-tightening seal design assures longer life
  • Steel housing will not vibrate loose, crack, or disintegrate.
  • 1000 Pack kit includes 1000 3/8" x .625 (Stem x Guide) Steel-Grip® Valve Seals.
  • Made in the U.S.A.: U.S. Patent No.'s 4,502,696; 4,822,061. Canadian Patent No. 890792.
  • Harley Davidson Part No.: 18001-83B
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